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Low Code Development

We build databases with low code and it's well .....


Traditional Database Development


Traditional development can cost 10's of thousands of dollars for even the most basic of database applications to develop and maintain. Making changes along the way can drive up those costs considerably and sometimes prevent you from getting the database that you really want.


When building a fully custom database application you not only have the high cost of development but now you have to maintain your application code, server hardware & software so that your application is running properly at all times. Most organizations do not have the staff needed and typically ignore system requirements.


On top of paying high development costs and staying on top of continuous maintenance of your code and hardware, it's your job to also make sure that your application is secure and in compliance. This can be a tall order and very costly for any organization, especially small businesses.


Low Code Database Development


Low code and no code platforms have been developed with the idea of eliminating the need for traditional coding and to speed up the development process. On top of this, these platforms eliminate the need for organizations to maintain their own servers and application code.


Because the platform company itself manages the cloud environment and the coding platform, all that you need to plan for is the design and functionality of the application. No more worrying about updating application code or maintaining server hardware and software.


Maintaining and monitoring the security of your application and the hardware is a huge undertaking of time and expense. With low code database platforms the majority of this is handled for you freeing up time to imagine what your your application could be and to build it into reality.

Some Features Of Our Low Code Solutions

Role Based Logins
Unlimited Users
Lightning Fast Searches
Application Security
Document Storage
Online Payments
Up To 10x Faster Coding
Data Filtering
Embedded Forms
Much Much More ...

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Use Cases Of Low Code Databases

Sales & Marketing
Project Management
Students & Classes
Customer Relations
Support Portals
Event Organizing
Inventory Control
Non Profits
Contact Tracing
Billing & Payments
Much Much More ...
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