Our Services

At Light Shift we try to keep things simple and cost effective while building a powerful online presence for our customers. This is why we've chosen to partner with some great organizations that provide us the tools to build professional websites and custom database solutions.

Custom Web Design

You not only need an attractive website that promotes your product or service, but you need a website that provides the best user experience. We understand what that means and we can create the experience that will drive sales. Let us help you build and maintain your online investment.

Design & development starting from $1000

Light Shift Customer Management

Custom Database Applications

We use powerful tools to create custom database driven business applications that help streamline your daily tasks while saving thousands of dollars that you would typically pay for this type of application. Why pay per user for a system with features you'll never use.

Design & development starting from $1000

Web Development & Marketing Consulting

Over the years we've worked with companies in many different industries helping them navigate website and application development as well as digital marketing and security. If you're not careful you could end up spending your budget in a way that doesn't align with your goals.

Consulting starting from $100 per hour