Nonprofit Database Solutions

Finding an affordable custom database application to manage your nonprofit can be a very daunting task. Not only are most solutions expensive but they're also not customized for your organization which can be frustrating. This is why we decided to offer low cost custom database applications for nonprofits to manage their volunteers, contacts, events, donations and much more.

System Features

User Roles

These are example roles that could have the capability to log into the the system to view information.

  • Administrators

  • Employees

  • Volunteers

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Donors

Major Functionality

Other than the full management of the User Roles listed above these are examples of functionality that could be developed in the system.

  • Contact management

  • Event management

  • Donation management

  • Class management

  • Document management

Other​ Features

These are other features of the system and the Light Shift service.

  • Exceptional Phone & email support

  • Latest security data standards to appease GDPR and CORS compliances

  • Fast data search and filter capabilities

  • Website integrations

  • API integrations

  • E-commerce payment solutions

  • Automated email notifications

  • Capture e-signatures on forms 

  • Image and document storage

Application Demo

  • Database Driven

  • Multiple User Login Roles

  • Dynamic Forms

  • Auto Emails

  • API Integration

  • Photo Profiles

  • Notes

  • Custom Reports

  • Events Signup

Nonprofit Manager

Nonprofit Manager Demo